Traveling the World.

Seriously. I was in Houston, Texas for all my live. And I kind of enjoyed it. But my uncle moved to Paris a long time ago. And so I saved up some money to finally visit him. Man, this was a whole new experience. This was when I knew, there’s more than just Houston – and I have to see it. What I did next is, I came back home, took a second job, saved up enough money and started traveling across the whole planet. I have seen huge mountains, endless beaches and turquoise seas, saw animals that I didn’t even know existed and met strangers that became friends. I am typing this, as I am visiting North Africa for the first time ever.

-Cameron, 23, Texas

After doing nothing my whole life, I finally started to do something: working out!

Losing 50 kilo of excess weight. Honestly, after being a lazy bum my whole life, I started hitting the gym religiously a year and a half ago. I am more successful with men and in my job. Because people notice it: I look better, I have more power, I am overall more satisfied with everything. It did wonders for myself.

-Maria T.

The small things…

To me this is a small adjustment in my life: I learned how to say no. Although it was exhausting at first, people eventually got used to it, and started to react more positive. It’s liberating. And awesome.


I created something with my own hands

I started brewing my own beer. This might seem a bit ridiculous to you. Because you are used to just buying your favorite beer brand and you’re okay with it. And that’s perfectly fine. But to me… to me my own brand is more than just that. I grew up with 5 siblings, worked in a huge factory, didn’t achieve much. I always have been one out of many. To me my own beer brand is feeling like I have finally accomplished something myself.

And you should taste my beer – I promise you – it tastes like success.

-Emerald J.

Using my eyes

This may sound weird, but for me it is using my eyes to their full potential. I was born visually impaired and instead of wasting my money for shit I don’t need, I finally spent it on lasering my eyes. Now I just look at everything. All. The. Time. Cars, People, Streets, Clouds, Houses, Flowers – the beauty of these normal things amaze me every single day.